ISVAG recovers energy from waste

Electricity from waste, a great idea

Incinerating waste generates lots of heat. It would be a crime not to use it. Heat can be used to generate new energy. In this way, you can kill two birds with one stone: you dispose of the waste, and you get electricity that you wouldn't have otherwise. Electricity generated from waste is also referred to as green electricity, just like electricity that comes from renewable sources like sun, wind, water, biogas or biomass. At ISVAG, we use smart, reliable and clean technology for this purpose. When we incinerate waste, the heat that is released is sent to a separate boiler. The boiler produces steam. That steam drives a turbine, which is linked to an alternator. And that alternator generates electricity, in fact quite a lot of electricity: it provides enough electricity for more than 20,000 households all year round. Moreover, it cuts back on our fuel costs. If you wanted to generate the same amount of energy in a conventional power station, you would need 30,000 tonnes of coal or 18,000 tonnes of oil.